Orange Peel Ceremony: A Fragrant and Uplifting House Blessing Ritual

Mira Lash

Orange Peel Ceremony: A Fragrant and Uplifting House Blessing Ritual

The Orange Peel Ceremony is a delightful house blessing ritual that infuses your home with the uplifting and invigorating energy of citrus. By incorporating this simple yet meaningful ceremony into your housewarming celebration, you can create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere in your new living space, promoting happiness, positivity, and well-being for all who dwell within.

Citrus Peel Technique: Invoking Renewal and Personal Growth in a Space

  1. Schedule the ritual between 11 am-1 pm or 11 pm-1 am. Make a list of desired changes and transformations. While peeling the citrus fruits, keep these intentions in mind.
  2. Open all windows and chant the Wheel of Transformation mantra: Om mani pad me hum (Repeat multiple times, changing the order of the words each time)
  3. Take nine citrus fruits and cut nine segments from each, resulting in a total of 81 segments.
  4. Cut the 81 segments into smaller pieces.
  5. Divide the pieces equally into two bowls.
  6. Starting at the entrance, use the first bowl of citrus pieces and walk through the house "nourishing the unseen spirits" by scattering the pieces like you are feeding birds (using your right hand).
  7. Beginning at the entrance again, use the second bowl of citrus pieces and walk through the house, sowing the seeds of transformation.


  1. Stand at the front door and recite the Heart Soothing mantra nine times: Gate Gate, Para Gate, Parasum Gate, Bodhi Swaha
  2. Position yourself by an open window facing outward, inhale deeply, and visualize the following colors: OM as white, MA as red, NI as yellow, PAD as green, ME as blue, and HUM as black.
  3. Turn to face the interior of the house and exhale while chanting OM MANI PADME HUM (repeat six times at each window).
  4. Allow the citrus pieces to remain on the floor for 24 hours.
  5. Collect the citrus pieces and dispose of them in a respectful manner or special location.

The Citrus Peel Technique helps to create a harmonious environment by invoking renewal, personal growth, and positive energy within a space. This ritual fosters an atmosphere of balance and prosperity, nurturing the individuals who inhabit the area.

The primary element of an Orange Peel Ceremony is, as the name suggests, the peels of fresh oranges. Oranges are not only a symbol of abundance and prosperity but also represent happiness and positive energy, making them the perfect ingredient for a house blessing ritual. The bright, refreshing scent of orange peels can instantly elevate the mood and energy of your home, inviting in an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

To prepare for an Orange Peel Ceremony, you will need several fresh oranges and a small, sharp knife or citrus peeler. Carefully peel the oranges, ensuring that the peels remain as intact as possible. As you work, take a moment to set your intentions for your new home, focusing on the qualities, experiences, and relationships you wish to cultivate within your living space.

Once the oranges have been peeled, arrange the peels on a decorative plate or tray, creating an attractive and fragrant centerpiece for your house blessing ceremony. You may choose to enhance the display by adding other symbolic elements, such as candles, crystals, or flowers, which represent your intentions and blessings for your home.

When you are ready to begin the Orange Peel Ceremony, gather your guests and invite them to form a circle around the plate of orange peels. Invite each person to select a peel, hold it in their hands, and take a moment to reflect on their personal wishes and blessings for your home. Encourage your guests to share their blessings aloud or silently, depending on their preference.

As each guest shares their blessing, instruct them to place their orange peel back on the plate or tray. This act symbolizes the infusion of positive energy and intentions into your living space, creating a strong foundation for a happy and harmonious life within your new home.

After the ceremony, you may choose to display the blessed orange peels in a prominent location within your home, serving as a reminder of the love, support, and blessings shared by your friends and family. Alternatively, you can scatter the peels throughout your living space, allowing the uplifting scent to permeate every corner and fill your home with joy and positivity.

In conclusion, the Orange Peel Ceremony is a unique and heartwarming way to bless and celebrate your new home. By sharing this fragrant and uplifting ritual with your loved ones, you invite happiness, abundance, and positive energy into your living space, creating an environment where you and your family can thrive and flourish.